“Tibebu” TV Panel Discussion (Part 7)

In this discussion, panelists discuss Lishan Agonafer’s book “Tibebu: Yemidrebedaw Iregna,” the biography which Lishan authored about her husband Tibebu Haileselassie—an Ethiopian doctor, educator, UN diplomat, and Christian. Panelists discuss topics inspired by the book: the power of prayer and God’s Word, as well as hardships faced by Christians in their faith journey.

When he was taken captive as a prisoner of war, along with thousands of Ethiopians, during the Ethio-Somali War of 1977-78, Dr. Tibebu accepted the fact that he may have to live without his church family, and even without his wife and children—but he couldn’t bear the fact that he might have to live without his Bible, which had been left behind with his other possessions. In the end, Tibebu was reunited with his own Bible—an answer to his prayer and desire for God’s Word. What about our own value for God’s Word? Do we value God’s Word as something of great worth?

On the topic of prayer: one of the panelists makes the point that sometimes, we try to convince or coerce God to do our will, instead of striving to do His will. How can we sincerely seek God’s will in prayer and action? Please comment below!

Lishan Agonafer’s Interview on her book “Tibebu” (August 2014)


In this interview, author Lishan Agonafer discusses her book “Tibebu: Yemidrebedaw Iregna” with Rahel Tadesse, the coordinator of “E.Q.U.I.P. JO.DAN.” Professionals and Students Fellowship. Lishan talks about her book tour in the States, in April and May of 2014, and other opportunities to promote the biography which she authored about her husband Tibebu Haileselassie—an Ethiopian doctor, educator, and UN diplomat.

Tibebu was as well-known for his faith as for his professionalism. In this interview, Lishan discusses the role of prayer in her husband’s decision-making, since her book portrays Dr. Tibebu praying and involving God in every decision—whether big or small.

The topic of prayer raises an important question for our readers and viewers: Do you think its possible or practical to pray about every decision, whether big or small? Or is it more practical to use reason, logic, and other means in our decision-making?

In this interview, Lishan also mentions the different reactions of readers while reading the book. Readers of “Tibebu” have cried, laughed, and sometimes stayed up all night while reading the book. Did you have a similar reaction, or one that’s different? Please share your experience with us by commenting below!


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  • Eba says:

    Oh dear lishan and all dr. Tibebus families i am so blessed and amazed with the book! it has changed the way of living my life!!!! When i read through out the book i am motivated to live true Christian life. may my God bless you all! and i believe that one day we will meet physically!

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