About the Book

Readers will be able to clearly identify God’s role in Tibebu’s life, since the book is as much about God as it is about Tibebu. Readers will see Tibebu and Lishan’s thirty-seven years of marriage, including Tibebu’s eleven years of captivity in Somalia, from this faith-based perspective. Tibebu and Lishan’s faith can be seen in the details, from Tibebu’s career as a UN diplomat to the last five years he spent in and out of the hospital.

This book is not just about Tibebu, but about his country and people as well. It tells the story of thousands of Ethiopians who were held captive with Tibebu in Somalia, and also of the Somali people with whom they lived at the time. It is also the story of the Ethiopian Evangelical Church, and the persecution that believers suffered under the Ethiopian Communist regime. Though this story spans nations and generations, readers will be pleased and surprised at the detail in Lishan’s writing, especially as she recalls events that happened more than twenty-five years ago.

When Tibebu was released from prison in 1988, author and journalist Birger Thureson interviewed the Haileselassies, and wrote a book about their story in Swedish. This book was soon translated into Norwegian, Finnish, Danish and French. Now for the first time, with the release of Tibebu, Lishan shares from her own perspective in Amharic!

Here are some reactions and first impressions from people who reviewed Tibebu: 

“This book is heart-stopping, breath-taking…You will read with your hand over your mouth in amazement at the miraculous works of God.”

Dr. Assayeheng Berhe, Founder and President, Legacy of Leadership International

“You cannot put this book down, once you’ve started reading it. You will laugh, you will cry, and you will be amazed at God’s almightiness.”

Bekele Woldekidan, Senior Pastor, Addis Ababa Full-Gospel Church

“I went through (the book)… often with tears and occasionally with laughter. I learned how the Lord weaved (Tibebu and Lishan’s) life through joy and grief, loss and gain, despair and hope, shame and honor. The final tapestry is remarkable and beautiful because God is in it.”

Dr. Alemayehu Mekonnen, Associate Professor of Missions, Denver Seminary

“This book ought to be passed on from generation to generation.”

Dr. Atalay Alem, Professor of Psychiatry, Addis Ababa University